Divine Word Missionaries
Mission House St. Michael's

God's loving grace has gathered us from various peoples and continents into a religious missionary community dedicated to the Divine Word and named after him the Society of the Divine Word. - Prolog of the constitutions of the Divine Word Missionaries - SVD


logo of the canonization of Arnold Janssen and Josef Freinademetz in 2003

We continue what Arnold Janssen began in Steyl.

WE, ten thousand priests, brothers and sisters of more than fifty nationalities, members of the Steyl Mission Congregations, work today all over the world.

TO proclaim the message of Jesus Christ: Justice, Peace, Integrity of Creation, understanding between peoples and cultures, liberation from poverty and inhuman conditions.

AS pastoral ministers, social workers, media experts, catechists, retreat guides, teachers, nurses, craftsmen and women, agriculturists, researchers and academics…

SVD friends in Europe
mission in Afrika

Our contributing to the fullness of life

Sharing faith - every human being is unique and has his or her own perception of the world and experience with our loving God.  While meeting one another we learn from each other and inspire us mutually. It is true dialogue through which we want to keep mission alive. We understand dialogue as an attitude of solidarity, respect, and love that is to permeate all of our activities. In this  dialogue, we especially commit ourselves to people who are ...

... faith-seekers and who have no community of faith
... poor and marginalized, seeking to promote integral human development
... of different cultures so as to learn from and share in the diversity of gifts given by the God of Life
... of other Christian Churches, followers of other religious traditions, and those committed to diverse ideologies.

EN: Wereldwijd Steyler weltweit Worldwide