Divine Word Missionaries
Mission House St. Michael's

A double church in neo-Gothic Style

Holy Mass in the lower church
the tomb of Saint Arnold Janssen
candles and prayers at the paintings of the Saints Arnold Janssen and Josef Freinademetz
Hl. Mass in the lower church

The lower church, a place of quiet and recollection, is the community's place of prayer. In 1972 the artist Will Horsten of Kevelaer gave the lower church its distinctive character. He succeeded in creatively enriching an old church with modern elements. In the church is also the sarcophagus of Saint Arnold Janssen.

The upper church is a place full of light, its original neo-Gothic interior has been almost perfectly maintained. In many details it shows through its symbolic language the spirituality of the Divine Word Missionaries. In the summer months the church is a favourite place for large celebrations, events and organ concerts.
• The upper church can only be reached through the Mission House itself. Visiting hours are on Sundays afternoon from May until September or upon arragement.

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EN: dubbelkerk Kirche von St. Michael Churches