Divine Word Missionaries
Mission House St. Michael's

Ethnological section

ivory art from China
cloisonné crosses from China
Mask from Africa
ivory art from China
Japanese puppet house
wood carvings from Bali
glass cabinet with Chinese ceramics
wooden miniatures from China
ivory from India
wood work from Papua New Guinea
ivory from China
ceramics from China

The ethnological section of the museum houses objects from China, Japan, Indonesia, India, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Ghana, Togo, Congo and Paraguay. They include everyday utensils, beautiful artistic objects, artefacts of human craftsmanship, objects from other religions, and Christian art from overseas.

The contrast between this and a modern ethnological museum is enormous. Here the gaze is confronted by thousands of objects in glass cabinets several metres high. Set out according to country and type, the items stand in rows, just as the missionaries brought them in over the years.

glass cabinet with Indian instruments
entrance of the museum
grand China glass cabinet
Chinese art

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